Dryathlon day 26: Simples

January is always an expensive month as our car and house insurance are both due at the start of the month.  That means I spend a happy few hours trawling through the various quote sites in order to get the best deals (and then having to enduring the endless sales calls that follow).  This year we got the best deal for the car through Compare the Market which means that I qualified for a free Meerkat.  Even though I’ve worked in marketing for many years  I am still a sucker for a good promotion and I have to say that I was very excited when Maiya arrived this morning! My daughter was very keen to have it herself.  “No it’s mine” I cried.  I think the lack of alcohol has done something to my brain…

And so it’s the last Saturday of the Dryathlon.  As usuals I’m making pizzas and yes as usual I’m craving that glass of “cooking wine”.  Perhaps I’ll brave one of the Becks Blue’s left in the fridge.  I’ve never known beer to last so long!


Debbie Harris

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