A bit of a catch up!

I have been working hard behind the scenes to give the Pixel Chef a bit of a make over hence the severe lack of posting of late.

The good new is that I successfully complete the Dryathlon raising £230 for Cancer Research while the charity is looking at having raised nearly £5 million – which is just fantastic !

As I type it’s half term and we are already over half way through February –  so far the year has brought a lot of wind and rain but I have for the most part carried on with my morning walks – so here is a bit of a catch up of photos taken since the start of the month.

Fantasia Painting(74) Fantasia Painting(75) Fantasia Painting(76) Fantasia Painting(77) Fantasia Painting(78) Fantasia Painting(79) Fantasia Painting(80) Fantasia Painting(81) Fantasia Painting(83) Fantasia Painting(85) Twittere95df8c_jpg

Debbie Harris

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