A Norfolk Henna party!

A couple of weeks back I was honoured to be invited to a Henna evening at my friend Sarah’s house – very bohemian for a sleepy Norfolk village like Carbrooke! But then Sarah is pretty bohemian herself as she can juggle with fire and spends a lot of time in Morocco with her business Vivid Trading !

Sarah also asked me to bring my camera to capture the evening – particularly  as the henna artist Nic Tharpa Cartier is renowned for being one of the leading experts in henna art and design.

It was a lovely evening and brilliant to see Nic at work on hands, arms and feet. As I watched, camera poised, I was amazed to see the designs just flow from his henna pen. Each henna “tattoo” was unique and beautifully designed – as hopefully these photos will show.

The purpose of the evening was to raise money for the Henna Café in Marrakech, which provides a meeting place and working space for Henna artists and a classroom for the young people of Marrakech. It also supports projects and charities providing sustainable employment and education in Marrakech and other regions of Morocco.

More information a can be found out about Nic by visiting his website at http://nomadhearthenna.com/ and about the Henna café at http://www.hennacafemarrakech.com and about Vivid trading at http://www.vividtrading.com/


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