Be my Valentine…

Valelentines day photo and poemI don’t know whether to tell,

I’m not sure if it would break the spell,

There’s nobody else that’s as sweet as you,

You seem so special, whatever you do,

If  I sent you my love you would guess it was me,

I can not make it obvious, but I need to make you see,

You make me laugh and how can you not notice my blush,

For it is impossible not to look at you and not flush,

I can not let anyone else know, it just has to be you and me,

But you have to guess or, how can we be?

 Valentines photo The pixel ChefThe poem was written by my daughter Reya (pictured above).  She is a prolific writer and even has her own Blog which is full of her poems, story excepts and some photographs.  Check it out at Chocolate Sunshine

Debbie Harris

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