The Pixel Chef AKA DebbieHi I’m Debbie AKA the Pixel Chef.  I live and work in a (sometimes!) lovely Norfolk village with my husband Geoff and two teenage kids.

I can’t tell you, as many photographers do, that I was given a box Brownie at the age of 7 and had a eureka moment which meant that from that moment on wanted to be a photographer, because that’s not how it happened!  My photography Eureka moment came much later back in August 2002, when we were on a family day out in the school holidays.  My brother in law and his two kids also came along for the trip as did his new Canon A40 compact digital camera.  During the course of the day I had a little play (see the first picture below) with the camera and became instantly hooked.  The next day I ordered one for us and have not looked back since!

I have been very lucky in that we have been able to incorporate photography into our marketing business, taking our own photos for newsletters, brochures and more recently client websites.  I also never thought that I would be a wedding photographer but after two sets of friends asked us to take their pictures back in 2006 we have also developed this side of our business and take on between 10-15 weddings a year.

But I digress, I’m taking about our business which happens on our other websites!  Hopefully you are here because you want to find out more about The Pixel Chef! Well I’ve been blogging for several years now (again as part of our business) but for a I while have wanted a space that pulls together my more personal photography projects along with my love of food and photoshopping.  I also spend far more time than is healthy reading other Blogs – from photography ones like Chromasia, which has stunning images and some excellent photoshop tutorials, to food and design Blogs like the Pioneer Woman and Design Sponge.

Through the Pixel Chef  I aim to pull all these interests together with words (I didn’t mention that before my Eureka moment I was keen on being a writer too!) and pictures.

So here is my little foray into the world of personal Blogging!   I’ve got lots of ideas for how it’s going to develop – from recipes to photo essays on local places and people. I’d love it if you could leave me comments and feed back on the post and click to like the new Facebook page, which I’ve also set up to link people to the site.

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