Advent Blog: 6 Winter warmer – Jerusalem artichoke soup

Way back in the spring my friend Tracey gave me some Jerusalem artichoke tubers – which I duly planted in out little veg patch and then forgot all about them.  Later on in the summer, when what I’d assumed were sunflowers had grown to 10 feet tall, I remembered that was where I planted the tuber.  As I’d never grown Jerusalem Artichokes before I did a bit of internet research and finally harvested them a couple of week’s ago once the foliage and flowers had started to die down.  I was amazed at the large harvest – then came the next challenge – what to do with them!  So today, again after a bit of internet research I rustled up some Jerusalem artichoke soup for lunch.  I have to say they tasted like nothing quite like I’d had before – nutty, spicy and creamy all at the same time.  And for information the chive garnish on the soup is from the plant in yesterday’s photo!

Debbie Harris

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