Advent Blog: catch up 4th – 10th December

Oh dear I have failed big time with an advent post everyday!  Not sure where the last week has gone and have no real excuses.  Luckily I have been taking photos on my phone and with the real camera.

The real highlight of the week has been the amazing skies – both sunrise and sunset.  I was going to write a little blow by blow account of each day and why I’d posted the pictures but I’ve just come in from a Parish council meeting and it’s getting late.  So here’s a random collection of image from the last week – from mushrooms to nuns to a wellington boot – radical eh!!4th Dec 1 4th Dec 2 4th Dec 3 5th dec 1 5th dec 2 5th Dec 3 5th dec 4 6th Dec 2 6th Dec 7th Dec 2 7th Dec 3 7th Dec 4 7th Dec 5 7th Dec 6 7th Dec 7 7th Dec 8th Dec (2) 8th Dec 9th Dec 2 9th Dec 10th Dec 2 10th Dec

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