What a bad blogger I am…

June 3rd 2014My computer and phone are groaning with photos and yet I haven’t blogged for ages.  So here is a very random selection from my phone from today.  I have no idea what the one above is – a sort of random fumbling mistake I think but it looks  a bit arty! The rest are from my morning walk – with the exception of the last one which was taken this evening outside the village hall before the heavens opened. (Black over Bill’s mother’s – and funnily enough a man called Bill was there just before I took the picture). Sorry for the dead mouse. He looked so sad cuddling his own innards….

June 3rd 2014-001

June 3rd 2014-003

June 3rd 2014-004

June 3rd 2014-005

June 3rd 2014-006

June 3rd 2014-007

June 3rd 2014-008

June 3rd 2014-009

Debbie Harris

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