Beauty in decay

I was listening to a piece on Radio 4 this morning about photographer Bob Reinhardt who has dedicated years of his life to photographing Scottish graveyards and who has just opened an exhibition in Edinburgh Central Library.  Eager for more information I did a quick Google to find out more about the exhibition and his images.  I was particularly struck by one of his comments about his work:  “The photos bring to life a strength that continues to live on in these sacred places. The monuments seem almost indifferent to the elements that continue to wear at their surfaces and challenge their structural integrity. At the same time, nature is painting an entirely new palette and environment for them to exist in”

I’ve taken my fair share of shots in local graveyards myself and love the wealth of atmosphere and textures that they offer and understand exactly what he means about nature painting a new palette.  This is also true of other old buildings ans structures which offer a vast and dramatic potential for photographers (just Google the Urbex movement to see what I mean!).  A few weeks back we stopped off at an old  Barn complex which is for sale just a few miles down the road and had a go at capturing the atmosphere and decay.

If its palettes we’re talking about I just love the rustic greens and teracottas in these shots….

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