Rizzle razzles!

Funky teen portrait

  Way before Rizzle Kicks came on the scene one of my daughter’s nick names has been Rizzle.  As luck would have it she is a great fan of the boys and she even got to see them at the Guides Big Gig last year! Yesterday she had one of her dancing moments in the…

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Spring pixels

Spring pixels the pixel chef

After a session of mega posting to launch the Pixel Chef I have been very remiss and not posted anything for nearly two weeks. That’s not to say that I’ve not taken any photos – I have a couple of luscious recipe features planned and have been very busy with my work for 2up photography.…

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Official launch for The Pixel Chef!

Today’s the day when I finally unveil The Pixel Chef – the personal Blog I’ve been planning for several months. As you’ll see there’s already a fair amount of content on the Blog – I didn’t want to go public with just one post! I’ve been blogging for several years now as part of my…

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Winter exhibition

Just before Christmas I exhibited a few of my photographs at The Dragonfly Gallery – a small but lovely little exhibiton space in Watton.  As it was a very local exhibition I chose to display photographs taken within walking distance of our house – including some from our garden.  The resulting set of images you…

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In the bike shed!

Bike shed by The Pixel chef

My husband Geoff is a very keen cyclist and has a shed full of bikes and bike paraphernalia.  One of my favourite things to do is to take the camera into a space like the bike shed and shoot wide open with a prime lens to capture foreground detail and some lovely blurry background shapes. …

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