Dance away the lockdown

A year ago today my sister and I were swanning around Kensington, visiting museums and galleries, having afternoon tea in Harrods and watching one of our teen heroes Brian Ferry perform at the Royal Albert Hall. It all seems like a million years ago now after almost a year of lockdown and virtually no social life!

That’s not to say that the trip felt completely normal. Although it was in the days before masks and social distancing we were constantly aware of what we were touching and using our precious supplies of hand sanitiser wherever we went. It was almost as though we could sense we were on the brink of big changes – which did indeed come just days later with the cancellation of all sport, public events and festivals. Even now we feel like we got away with it! I remember looking on my phone to see that the London Borough of Kensington had the highest number of COVID cases in all of London and feeling a bit panicky. But we kept positive – kept our hands clean – and made sure that we had an utterly amazing time!

Bryan Ferry was of course brilliant. A consummate performer – relaxed, suave, charming – who had us reliving our teenage years as we sang along to Virginia Plain and Dance Away. We laughed at one point realising that we were in an audience of 5000 mostly over 50 year olds – all in the at risk categories – with a 70 year old performer!

A year on I feel very nostalgic looking at these photos – longing for when we can return to normal life and just jump on a train for new experiences and adventures!

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Debbie Harris

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