Dead sunflowers

dead sunflowersI love cut flowers but I’m notoriously bad at getting rid of them once they are past their best and they are often to be found drooping and dropping their petals all over the floor!  However I also love to photograph dead flowers and foliage (as you may have noticed from some of my previous Blog posts) – I just love the textures and colours of decay.

The ideal background for applying a photo shop texture

These sunflowers were lovely when I bought them – a sort of last gasp of summer.  Before I condemned them to the compost heap I decided to take a few photos with the idea of also adding some textures in Photoshop to enhance the feeling of decay.  I took a first set using our house wall as a back drop and although these worked well, once I applied a texture they somehow didn’t quite work.  So it was back out into the garden this time using our old flaky back door which was just perfect.  You can see the edited version above – whilst the original is posted below.

Haiku for National Poetry Day

Finally as its National Poetry Day I also thought I’d have a little go with a sunflower haiku.  Not great, one syllable too many but it’s the thought that counts! Scroll to the last photo to read it.

dead sunflowers (1) dead sunflowers (2) dead sunflowers (3) dead sunflowers (4)

The original photo

dead sunflowers haiku

Debbie Harris

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