Dryathlon day 1: Detox!

Most years I plan to go dry for January!  It’s fine for the first few days then I inevitably slip off the waggon and go back to my evil drinking ways…

Well this year is going to be different.  My son Tom told me about the Cancer Research Dryathlon just before Christmas and threw down the gauntlet – which I have duly picked up! I woke up this morning late and groggy after a brilliant -if a little over indulgent – New Years eve party and made myself this lovely liver clensing drink from lemon juice, ginger and hot water.  not sure if I made me feel better but I’m sure it did me good.

You can find out more about the Dryathlon and sponsor me by clicking HERE.  I’ll also be posting updates about how I’m getting onthrought January.  Right where did I leave my glass of mineral water…..


Debbie Harris

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