Dryathlon day 13: Just run

IMG_9393I’ve taken up running again after getting a lovely new pair of running shoes for my birthday in December.  I have been running on and off for the last 10 years since I  first trained for the Cancer Research Race for Life.  After doing that a few times I then trained for a 10k, again for Cancer Research.  Finally back in 2009 I decided to bite the bullet and entered the Norwich half marathon.  I did really well building up to 10 mile runs and then disaster struck – just two weeks before the event I injured my Achilles tendon.  I could hardly walk let alone run.  And after several physio sessions I realised that I was not going to be able to take part in the half marathon after all.

After that I lost heart and never really got back into running regularly.  So last December, when Geoff asked me what I wanted for my birthday my logic was if I get a good new pair of shoes then I’ll have to start running again. So far it’s working!

These are actually the third pair of running shoes I’ve owned and all of them I’ve bought from the excellent Sportlink on the outskirts of Norwich.  It’s all very technical because they look at your feet, posture and gait and then select the best shoes for you.  Then, not only do you try them on, but you then go outside for a quick run around in them to see how they feel. The staff are very friendly and it being Norfolk and everyone knows everybody else!  Neil who runs the shop knows my Dad from his Norwich City days while his mum and my mum where at school together. As well as this both our companies-  2up and Sportlink  – sponsor our friend and paratriathlete Iain Dawson!

So far I’m happy to report that the running is going well.  Not only that but I’ve started doing something I’ve never done previously and that is going out running first thing which is a real revelation.  The feeling of running in the crisp morning air into the sunrise is just fabulous…

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