Dryathlon day 2: juicing!

Dryathlon day 2 (1)

I have treated myself to a juicer!  I’ve been reading about the benefits of juicing for some time now on Facebook and Blogs and thought that it was time to see what the fuss was about!  This little beast is one of the bottom end models and set me back just £40 as opposed the hundreds a that you can pay.

I thought that I would test it with a safe fruity mixture rather than go straight into one of the super charged kale and spinach concoctions that seem popular right now! Luckily I had a whole pineapple that was sulking in the corner of the kitchen as it had not managed to team up with any cheese or cocktail sticks this Christmas!  To this I added melon, an apple, a quarter of a cucumber and a few strawberries. The whole process was very quick and efficient  – although my husband Geoff said it made a horrible noise that reminded him of the dentists drill! And the resulting juice was pretty good although it didn’t really have a very appetising colour.

Tomorrow I’m going to be a bit more adventurous – I’ve got beetroot, carrots, spinach, peppers and spring greens so its off Googling to see what I can find!  if you have a particularly good recipe to recommend I’d love to hear from you!

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Debbie Harris

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