Dryathlon day 20: Comfort food

I have been a prisoner in my own kitchen this weekend – not because anyone has forced me but with the oven on it’s the warmest place to be in this continuing cold weather!

Yesterday was a baking day and between us (while putting together the Spotify Dryathlon Dance mix) my daughter and I made cheese scones, a loaf of bread, bread rolls, rock cakes, ginger and spice biscuits, garlic bread and pizzas. And with the raw easterly wind howling outside and threatening more snow, today demanded more comfort food. Luckily we had a delivery from  DJ Barnard (a local butcher) on Friday and I set to work making a hearty stew and dumplings.  I based it on a recipe from Jamie’s Great Britain cook book and I must say it is a really delicious winter warmer.  Those with eagle eyes will spot a bottle of ale in the picture below but you have my word that the whole bottle went in the casserole – cross my heart!

Debbie Harris

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