Dryathlon day 23: Cold

A thaw is meant to be coming but today this cold seemed to have penetrated deep into my bones and I just could not get warm. I took my self off for a walk first thing and enjoyed crunching though some relatively untouched snow along a little used country lane. A week ago the snow was pristine and glistening and the sky a dazzling blue. Today the sky was grey and the snow tired and dirty and I must admit that I seem to have lost the fizz from yesterday.

In the evening I crunched my way back through the village in the dark for a meeting. In spite of putting a £1 in the metre the Village Hall remained freezing cold and I had completely lost my feet by the time I left. Still I had some lovely encouragement from my colleagues at the meeting and got another £10 of sponsorship for the Dryathlon. I have to say the fundraising aspect of this dry January has really helped me stick at it – so far I’ve raised £150 so just £50 to go to reach my target! Don’t forget if you haven’t sponsored my you can do so by clicking HERE

Debbie Harris

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