Dryathlon day 24: Memories

Today was the funeral of our family friend Frank who I wrote about on 10th January after he had lost his short battle with cancer.  Funerals are never easy things to go to and sadly the older one gets the more frequent they seem to be. Today’s was a sad poignant occasion but not with out its reason to smile.  As part of the service the presiding minister asked all quietly with heads bowed to remember something about Frank.

My memory was of the lovely vegetables that we used to get from his allotment in the summer – especially his broad beans and shallots.  But part of the memory was also something my daughter said when she was very little when I told her we were eating Frank’s beans.  To which she said, “Do you mean Frank Lampard”?  Not long after I shared this with Frank at my nieces 21st birthday party.  He was most amused.

In the pub at the wake afterwards my Dad made us all chuckle with his memory.   Twenty years or so ago he and my mum went on holiday to Italy with Frank and his wife Daphne.  Apparently my Dad and Frank spent many a happy afternoon taking a stroll along the beach.  As well as enjoying the sun and taking in the sea air one of their favourite activities was to count the topless girls on the beach.  Dad thinks they got to 107  – or was it 108?!

Rest in peace Frank….

Debbie Harris

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