Dryathlon day 3: feeling souper!

IMG_9283One of the things I remember very clearly about the first few days of the Dryathlon last year is the greatly improved quality of sleep that you get when you go to bed alcohol free. Now I’m not saying that I collapse into bed in a drunken stupor every night but even a couple of glasses of wine seem to affect how I sleep these days ( I am alas a woman of a certain age!).  The last two nights I have slept really well – albeit it with some very weird and vivid dreams – something that other fellow dryathletes have also mentioned.

However as school hasn’t gone back my improved nights kip hasn’t mean that I have leapt out of bed at the crack of dawn!  As a consequence I was late for my early morning yoga class today which was a lovely – if a little challenging – flow session to welcome us into the New Year. I arrived back home feeling great and full of energy and rustled up this great big pan of  healthy minestrone soup which used up quite a lot of wilting things looking sad in the fridge. However with addition of some tinned tomatoes and canellini beans, orzo pasta, parmesan cheese and a few chilli flakes these sad veggies were transformed into a healthy and very tasty lunch!

Debbie Harris

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