Dryathlon day 30: Hope for the future

I realise that some of my posts have been a bit sad and glum when talking about Cancer,  so today I want to post something more positive!

I decided that I would count up how many friends and colleagues that I know who are cancer survivors and I am pleased to say that there are lots.  Early diagnosis, tests and treatment now mean that cancer is not a death sentence and indeed many people recover and go onto live long and normal lives.

One of these people is my lovely friend Sue, who had successful treatment for breast cancer 12 years ago.  Since then she has remained fit and healthy and has taken part in many Cancer Research fund raising activities.  We have done the Race for Life together many times – to begin with by walking the 5k, then running and finally running with our daughters – who I have to say beat us to the finishing line at the tender age of 8!

Thanks to Cancer Research and its pioneering work more an more people like Sue are surviving cancer. They are now the biggest single independent funder of cancer research in Europe, supporting the work of more than 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK – and as they say on their website research kills cancer.

So as the Dryathlon comes to a close I once again would like to say a big thanks to all those who have supported and sponsored me – and if you haven’t it’s not to late. You can click HERE to make a donate or text DEBZ59 to 70070 to give £2.

Sue and I at the Race for Life in 2005

Our daughters run the Race for Life in 2007 (Sue and I are way behind!)




Debbie Harris

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