Dryathon day 7: Teatotal

In just over three hours time I will have not touched a drop of alcohol for over a week!  So far I have not found it too bad – there have been moments when a glass of wine would have been really nice and they have mostly been with food.  We eat an awful lot of pasta and red wine just seems to be its natural partner.

However I have really noticed some real benefits.  As I mentioned a couple of days back I have lost a bit of weight and I have definitely lost that after Christmas bloated feeling.  Sleep has also been much better – no waking up with palpitations after too much Christmas port and cheese – although getting up has,  if anything got harder!

I have, I must confess, drunk even more tea than usual. I normally drink gallons of the stuff during the day but if we have wine open in the evening then my last cup of tea is normally around 5 – but since the Dryathlon I’ve been making at least a pot in the evening too. But hey what better accompaniment to the left over Christmas chocolates!



Debbie Harris

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