Dryathon day 16: Half way snow day!

Today was an official snow day!  It was rumoured that temperatures got down to minus 14 in the village last night which is pretty chilly to say the least.  Over 260 of the schools and colleges across Norfolk were closed so it meant a day off  for our two teenagers.  As I work from home the journey to work is literally down the stairs so I  really had no excuse about not being able to make it into the office, but after getting my essential bits and pieces done I headed off to the village green with my daughter.   When there is a “snow day” there really is a lovely atmosphere on our village green.  All the children turn out to play snow balls, make snow men and to sledge down the amphitheatre while we  adults all mill around chatting and enjoying the carnival atmosphere.  I have to say that the blue skies and the snow where absolutely breathtaking today  –  I really don’t think that I have seen such beautiful Norfolk wintry scenes.

And now over half way through the Dryathlon and after a day in the snow with good company it almost feels like Christmas again…with that feeling I must say comes the feeling that I would like a small snifter – a nice warming sherry maybe or a refreshing G&T….




Debbie Harris

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