Hello 2019 – better late than never!

News Years resolution 1 – stop procrastinating. Well that failed spectacularly – January 14th and I still haven’t published a single Blog post. I’ve been scribbling things down but until now nothing has made iit onto the virtual page. So here goes – hello 2019!

If you look back on this Blog you will see that at this time of the year I always take part in Dry January – you know the old new year new me kind of scenario. For the first couple of years I undertook the challenge for charity as part of the cancer research Dryathlon. Since then I have done it as a personal thing as a great way to detox and start the year in the right way! As the years have gone on I have extended from January into February and then last year nearly to the end of March (82 days to be precise!). I also did another 42 days alcohol free as part of Sober October into November. Then birthdays and Christmas came along and it was back to my bad old wine drinking ways! So I’m again embarking on an alcohol free January to try lick my healthy lifestyle back into shape!

If that’s not enough I decided this year to jump on the veganuary train. As a family we were vegetarian for 3 years so cutting out meat won’t be too difficult – however as a cheese love and big tea drinker I’m going to find giving up dairy my more challenging. I’m hoping that these new intentions as a healthy start to 2019 will enable me to shed a fair few pounds as I’m getting rather despondent about the amount of weight that I have gained over the last few menopausal years.

2019 is a big year for me as this is my last year in my 50s as in December I turn 60! I can hardly believe this – in my mind I’ve sort of fixed myself in my mid 40s. But age is just a number – last year I worked hard to train and qualify as a yoga teacher and I’m now running 5 different classes so a whole new world has opened before me. I’m planning to keep as fit and healthy as I can in 2019 – I’m determined that the blue rinse and knitted cardigan is a way off yet!!

Debbie Harris

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