I must go down to the sea again!

Here is a little photo story from last week!

We finally made it to the beach and got to swim in the sea! It was one of those lovely, warm, late summer days that feel like a real bonus – particularly in these dark COVID days. Our go-to beach of choice has always been Wells, on the North Norfolk coast, but we heard there were crowds and Reya fancied Sea Palling – which turned out to be a good shout. The beach was by no means empty when we arrived but a ten minute walk along the sea shore brought us to a virtually deserted spot.

The day was made even more special as it was the day before Reya’s 21st birthday! So we celebrated early with picnic beers and finally fish and chips.

I’ve been trying to up my creative mojo of late – hence the Pixel Palettes from two of the images. Next step to transfer them to a painting palette!

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