Lock down food


So how has lock down been for you?

Or maybe you are still there - reluctant to venture out and face this rather uncertain new world. I know that I am.

Like many people at the start of lock down, I was filled with lots of ideas of what to do with all this empty time. I would write, paint, de-clutter, spec out new business ideas, blog , do yoga every day, lose weight and get fighting fit! The reality of course was very different and most of the things on that list remained undone - apart from yoga and getting fitter but that’s a story for another day.

One of the big things for us in our 3 person bubble was food (hence why losing weight did not happen!). With my daughter Reya back from Uni she was really keen to cook as she had missed having a proper kitchen. Between us all many delicious meals were prepared, cakes baked and bread made (including the obligatory lock down sour dough) and new recipes tried. If only I had been more focused and organised to get them onto this Blog.

I did however act as photographer for a Blog post that Reya wrote for the Oxford Blue student online magazine. Her theme was food from the film Chef and the spin off Netflix Chef Show - both glorious and I highly recommend viewing. All of the recipes she chose are pretty simple and the first two courses provide enough garlic to keep away hoards of hungry vampires!

The full menu was:

Shrimp toast (or prawns for us Brits)
Aglio E Olio (or Scarlet’s’ spaghetti as eaten by Scarlet Johanssen in the film)
Berries and cream

Hopefully my photos here give you a visual taster – you can read the full post along with all the recipes here: https://www.theoxfordblue.co.uk/2020/05/30/tv-dinners-the-chef-show/

Chef Show Blog post-10

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