London adventures with my phone!

Phew it’s the end of a very busy week which saw me working in London for three days! I had a hectic schedule carrying out interviews at a well known Business School for some writing work 2up is doing for another agency.  I was based in the heart of one of the busiest tourist centres close to a many of the London museums and the hustle and bustle was a far cry from our quiet office in the country! Its over 20 years since we lived and worked in London and many things were still very familiar – it’s still a crush on the Northern Line and they still haven’t fixed that gap on the underground! The most noticeable change as I was travelling around was the use of technology – everyone was glued to their smart phone, lap top or reading kindles. Not to be left out I snatched a few photos on my phone…

Tea in a bowl?  I must be in London!

The first of these shots was a mistake but I rather liked the ghostly effect so I took more randomly clicking as I was walking!



Debbie Harris

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