Lovely norfolk

Lovely norfolk

Feb morning walk734

Blustery morning walk

I have got out of the habit recently of going for my morning walk and I woke up this morning realising just how much I had missed it! I don’t mind admitting that I was in a bit of a grump yesterday – it has not been an easy week and I was generally feeling…


That was October

This post is a bit late coming after a tempête de merde of a week last week – I won’t go into details but many things decided to conspire against us both personally and in our business so it was not a good time! Thank goodness for yoga! Anyway those who know me know that I’m…

Snow walk-10

A visit from the beast from the East!

I suspect like me you are very bored of hearing about the snow and the beast from the East! However as I type the big thaw is already well underway and it is feeling much warmer in our cold old house! Over the snow days we managed to get out for a few walk –…


The unveiling of spring

This week has been a mixed bag of weather. It started with the equinox on Monday which was cold and wet and miserable. But as the week has gone on the sun has taken over and slowly but surely things are warming up. As always I’ve been out walking every morning – taking the same…

Foggy Halloween sunrise

It was one of those beautiful ethereal mornings today – with the dew hanging off cobwebs and the sun gradually burning through the heavy fog.  Every where I looked there were photos! As usual on my morning walk all of the photos below were taken on my mobile phone.  


That was September

Mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that jazz. Summer stayed for the whole of September with record temperatures and lots of blue skies. As I type October has arrived grey and wet and my sandled feet are cold…

Evening walk in August (7)

Evening turn around the village

As the evening light was lovely we decided to take a walk around the village to soak up the last few rays of the late summer sunshine. I took the Fuji X-T10 as shot using the Classic chrome film setting which is becoming a favourite I think!

Wells in August-27

Road trip to Wells!

Sadly the English summer seems to have deserted us here in Norfolk this week. Last week , however we made the most of a lovely warm sunny evening by motoring to the coast from fish and chips and a walk along the beach.  We started out in Sheringham but it was really busy with massive…

shakespeare family 2004-11


With all the Shakespeare talk that’s been going on this week in the run up to the 400th anniversary of his death, I’ve been trying to remember when I saw my first ever live Shakespeare. I’m fairly confident it was when I was at 6th form and our English group went on a trip to the…

Tsunami cloud-12

Tsunami cloud over Norfolk

Once again here I am Blogging about the weather! This morning I set of for my walk under brilliant blue skies and just a few wispy clouds in to sky.  However behind me I could see the approach of a really dramatic weather front which looked dark and ominous.  Over the course of my 40…