My convolvulus is rampant!

“That garden’s a mess!” muttered my Dad as he gazed out of our kitchen window on Sunday afternoon.  He was right of course – as usual my early spring enthusiasm for planting, growing and tending is now just a dim and distant memory.  At the beginning of the summer – after watching an episode of the Chelsea Flower Show on telly –  I decided that my planting style was loose – in a rustic, country garden kind of way.  Unfortunately a hectic work schedule and two of weeks away in France, means that things have now moved from loose to downright promiscuous!.  Although I’ve had no time to tackle the chaos this week I did have a little time to document the orgy of weeds and disarray with my camera….

Hmmm won’t be eating our own apples this year.

…although we did manage a few tomatos

Well and truly gone to seed!

I should have been a courgette!

Well at least fennel is meant to run to seed – I can harvest those later.

I was a lettuce once! Although I think I look rather statuesque now!

The slugs got me first!

Still hope for the French beans.

And the runners.

I think I should have been planted before the mice got to me!

Autumn raspberries aren’t looking too bad.

But the convolvulus is moving in on this lettuce.

Now they look pretty!

But I’ve seen better days…

I think the Hollyhock is getting choked by the golden hop (in fact everything is).

A plague on both your houses!

Next year I’ve promised myself all will be different….

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