New start September!

So a shiny new month and once again new intentions for me as I again try and crack this menopausal weight gain and get back on track with getting more cardio exercise, healthy eating and kicking the old vino callapso. Way back in 2013 when I first did Dry January I found it really helped to blog every day to keep me on track and keep myself accountable so I’m planning to do this again through out the whole of September – wish me luck! So here goes with day one. The focus here was on kicking off Sober September as I ate enough for a small village!

I woke with the firm resolve of a new challenge as well as feeling a bit jaded from a little too much wine the night before that we drank with our traditional home made pizza.

However there was no time to linger and feel sorry for myself as I had a busy day ahead of me helping out at a local charity lunch, so I was up early and by 10. 00 had made 3 different salad dishes! By mid day I was positioned by a groaning table of food with several ladies of a certain age ready to serve up a summer feast to the ravening hoards – having already declined a glass of wine! As a church charity event it was not, of course, a boozy affair but there were ample opportunities for me to grab a glass of plonk and just sip it slowly and politely like most of the people there. But my strong day one resolve held me firm and I stuck to water!

Challenge number two came in the evening as OH had cooked lovely Greek slow roast pork (not that I needed any more food after the lunch but hey ho!) and I knew for a fact that there were two chilled bottles of retsina in the fridge. Now many people really don’t like retsina and see it as rough, weird tasting plonk reserved only for sun soaked Greek holidays. However retsina is hard wired into our back story – from our first Greek holiday together in the mid 80’s, to our later tour of Europe which found us staying deep in the Peloponnese where the local Taverna filled up empty plastic bottles of it’s own vintage for just a few Dracs. It was heady stuff and on one occasion we quaffed enough during an evening in the Taverna to induce us to sing the Wild Rover to audience of bemused Greeks and tourists!

But I digress! I nearly decided to start my Sober September on 2nd so that I could partake of this magical song inducing beverage – but talked myself out of it as it would be easy to then persuade myself that 1st October would be a better time to start! So once again water won the day and Day 1 was in the bag!!

Tomorrow I will tackle food!

Debbie Harris

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