Official launch for The Pixel Chef!

Today’s the day when I finally unveil The Pixel Chef – the personal Blog I’ve been planning for several months. As you’ll see there’s already a fair amount of content on the Blog – I didn’t want to go public with just one post! I’ve been blogging for several years now as part of my business 2up but for a while have wanted a space that pulls together my more personal photography projects along with my love of food and photoshopping. I also spend far more time than is healthy reading other Blogs – from photography ones like Chromasia, which has stunning images and some excellent photoshop tutorials, to food and design Blogs like the Pioneer Woman and Design Sponge.

So here is my little foray into the world of personal Blogging! I’ve got lots of ideas for how it’s going to develop – from recipes to photo essays on local places and people. I’d love it if you could leave me comments and feed back on the post and click to like the new Facebook page, which I’ve also set up to link people to the site.

Debbie AKA The Pixel Chef

PS Today’s pictures are a random selection of images to give you a little flavour of my style….

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