Oxford dreams

Over 10 years ago a little girl had a dream. She dreamed that she would be a writer and that she would study English at Oxford University.

Fast forward to October 2018 and that little girl – our daughter Reya – headed off from Norfolk up to take up her place at Trinity College, Oxford to study English!

It has been quite an emotional month amongst my mum squad as many of us waved goodbye to our offspring to start at University or College. Reya was one of the last to go as Oxford only have eight week terms and by the time the 2nd of October came she was more than ready to fly the nest.

Arriving at Trinity was a bit of a bun fight – the College drive was chock a block with parents’ cars and the street parking was pretty jam packed too. Luckily we managed to jump into a space after which followed a whirlwind 20 minutes as we moved all of her things into her rather capacious room. Then it was 12 o’clock – time for Reya to head off for the freshers’ reception to meet up with her new family (they give you a student mother, father and sibling as part of the settling in process!) – and time for us to leave. Although it was sad to see her go my overwhelming emotion was one of sheer pride! Watching this little girl grow and finally achieve her dreams has been amazing – it hasn’t of course been without its ups and down – but she got there in the end!

After we watched her disappear into the throng of students at the College entrance we took ourselves for a walk around Oxford where I got a chance to test out my new baby – a Fuji X-T10.

More on this in another post but here are  a few of the images!Click on the thumbnails below to scroll though full sized images.

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