Hi and welcome to my Blog! I’m Debbie - the Pixel Chef – a freelance photographer, writer and lover of food, walking, yoga and cycling. On the Pixel Chef Blog you’ll find lots of my photos along with recipes for cooking up digital manipulations. You'll also find real recipes - with more photos - to help you cook up a storm in the kitchen!


A trip to the seaside down memory lane

We’ve recently been making the effort to frame and display a few of the many hundreds  (no thousands!) of family photographs that we have languishing on our server.   With so many to chose from I decided to go back to the summer of 2004 when we bought our first digital SLR.  I eventually picked these…

Bike shed by The Pixel chef

In the bike shed!

My husband Geoff is a very keen cyclist and has a shed full of bikes and bike paraphernalia.  One of my favourite things to do is to take the camera into a space like the bike shed and shoot wide open with a prime lens to capture foreground detail and some lovely blurry background shapes. …

Norwich shopping trip - The Pixel chef

A trip to the dark side!

I don’t get to go shopping in Norwich as much as I’d like to and usually when I usually do it involves trailing round with one or both of the kids! As a treat I normally put in my trusty old Canon 300d which has become my handbag camera but on this trip I decided…

Food and recipes

Fishes 1-003

Little fish

On Sunday I was going to cook a cassoulet but then it  was 19 degrees and the menu changed to souvlaki.  We had white bait in the freezer so I cooked those too! Sadly there was no retsina…


Advent Blog: 4th December

Today has been very cold and when you sit at a desk in an old house with out much heating you need a bit of warming up! Cue a visit to the fridge to gather up all the slightly tired looking veggies to turn them into a lovely soup. This is my homemade minestrone. To…

Strawberry muffins

Comfort food

Well after sticking its head above the parapet yesterday, today the sun has now deserted us.  Once again it has been chilly,  grey and rather miserable – so to cheer us up I’ve taken “time out breaks” from working on the computer to rustle up some comfort food in the kitchen! For elevenses we had…

Morning walk

Snow walk-10

A visit from the beast from the East!

I suspect like me you are very bored of hearing about the snow and the beast from the East! However as I type the big thaw is already well underway and it is feeling much warmer in our cold old house! Over the snow days we managed to get out for a few walk –…


The unveiling of spring

This week has been a mixed bag of weather. It started with the equinox on Monday which was cold and wet and miserable. But as the week has gone on the sun has taken over and slowly but surely things are warming up. As always I’ve been out walking every morning – taking the same…

Foggy Halloween sunrise

It was one of those beautiful ethereal mornings today – with the dew hanging off cobwebs and the sun gradually burning through the heavy fog.  Every where I looked there were photos! As usual on my morning walk all of the photos below were taken on my mobile phone.  

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