Shopping, eating and drinking in lovely Norwich!


My daughter and I took a little shopping trip out to Norwich today. We did the usual things - the malls and the big chain stores which were mostly mayhem.

However, what I really love about Norwich are the independent shops and cafes. To start with we gave Costa a miss and headed to the Bicycle Shop Cafe for coffee to kick start our expedition. It's a lovely little place full of quirky little corners and retro decor and the coffee is good too!

After the horror of the crowded chain stores we refuelled on chips from the Grosvenor FishBar - the hippest, most fabulous chippy in the Universe! Where else can you sit in a neon lit underground cavern and eat your most perfect chips to the sound of of jazz and swing! Our final stops of the day were in St Benedict's where my daughter bought a lovely vintage blouse in Lulu's vintage clothing and Press to Play where we splashed out £20 on some vinyl including the Elvis Christmas album!

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