Summer’s end

IMG_5660As I type the realisation that summer really has ended is beginning to set it. Last night I cracked out my warm pyjamas and bed socks and it won’t be long before the winter duvet comes back out of the airing cupboard. Still we  can’t complain – we really did have a lovely summer for a change with more than our fair share of hot sunny days and blue skies.

A couple of weeks back – the day before school started again – I impulsively decided that we would all spend the last day of the holidays on the North Norfolk coast. The sun was still shining and the temperatures were predicted to rise to nearly 30 degrees. I also thought this would be a great family opportunity as my son Tom would very soon be off to university so we wouldn’t have the chance to do this again for quite a while.

Picnic at Burnham Deepdale

Although Wells is one of our favourite seaside spots we decided to give it a miss as the vacuum left by the Chelsea on sea families had been filled by chip and ice cream eating “white tops”! Instead we ventured further round the coast to Burnham Deepdale which was much quieter. Like an earlier excursion in the summer (which I still have to Blog about!) we took our camping stove and some sausages and cooked lunch out on the marshes which we had completely to ourselves. We also sneeked in a few cheeky beers which went down a storm!

After lunch we hiked along the coast path for a good hour and a half to find the sea. We arrived just as the tide was turning and had a very refreshing paddle.

Two weeks on and this last balmy day of summer is just a distant memory – there is a cold chill to the wind and tomorrow Tom is off to start his new life at the University of Lincoln….Blog post to follow on Sunday!








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