Texture Tuesday: Decay

You may have noticed from many of the posts on The Pixel Chef that I love old, dilapidated or decaying things! Many of these things also lend themselves to the use of textures to enhance and develop the mood of the original image.

The above picture was taken in France when we we on holiday this year just outside the town of Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers.  It was in an old dilapidated barn which was part of a larger complex of ancient farm buildings called “Le Portail” .  These buildings date from around 1650 when a new chateau was also being constructed next door by Guillaume du Boi.  Sadly all that is left of the once grand the chateau is a single tower as the family had the rest of it demolished in the 1960s to avoid paying taxes, while the buildings where the above picture was taken looked like someone had begun renovation and then just up sticks and left – all very intriguing!

This picture is much less glamourous in origin – taken back in the summer in one of our compost bins. It has been processed with Type a free texture from Sarah Gardeners Black Monday set.

Back to France for the final image taken in the garden of the Gite were we were staying. Again I like how the use of textures (I used several for this one) bring out the decaying and fading nature of the blooms.

Debbie Harris

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