Texture Tuesday: the last of the summer chives

Texture Tuesday - chives with headingIt’s ages since I did a texture Tuesday (and a fair while since I last blogged) but I was inspired at lunchtime by these chives which I picked from our very sad and bedraggled looking herb garden.  The camera was already in the kitchen as I was talking pictures of the rock cakes that I made earlier (yes I know!) and these  two flowers and stems were just crying out for a still life treatment.  There are three textures applied to the image – all from Kim Klassen – Total Grunge, Culligan Scripted and one of this week’s freebies 0411 which literally popped into my in box as I was working on the image in Photoshop.
Texture Tuesday - chives original
Above is the original image – as you can see the scratches are actually there on our stainless steel workshop and not part of one of the texture files!

Texture Tuesday - chives smallIn case you’re interested the chives were to go on the top of the cauliflower and gorgonzola soup that I made for lunch – recipe coming soon hopefully!
cauliflower soup small



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