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Well I blinked and that was the first month of 2019 done and dusted! It was a strange month in many ways as it was our first proper taste of having an empty nest. Our son Tom moved to Bristol at the end of November last year but it wasn't long before our daughter Reya was back from Uni for Christmas so the house wasn't empty for long.

But then in the second week of January we took Reya back to Oxford and that was it - just the two of us again rattling around this cold old house for the next 9 weeks! I must say it has been very strange and if I had to pick a word to describe the feeling it’s a kind of glum emptiness. When you have your kids in the house as well as their company there are always other things going - on friends appearing, lifts needed, various school and college things to go and then suddenly that’s it you are on your own!

That said January was a busy month. My yoga teaching has really taken off and I now have 4 busy classes plus a private class so there has been plenty to do along side our main marketing business which has also seen a fair amount of work for new and existing clients. I had planned to do a lot more Blogging here -and have actually written several- mostly about veganuary so I will be posting those during February

I am pleased to say too that I set myself 3 goals/intentions for January and I met all of these with out any blips! As mentioned before I did veganuary as well as dry January which I do every year. I also did lots extra daily yoga practice by following the yoga with Adrienne 30 day yoga journey which I just loved and I have to say I felt quite emotional as it came to a close with the final flow practice on day 30! More on that over on my Yogavision blog soon too!

So what are my intentions for February? Well the fist is to really work hard on all my Blogs – which includes this one, my various 2up business sites and on my yoga site – I think that I have my work cut out! I have found that for me a really good way of getting content down is to write first thing in the morning - before checking any social media and getting distracted -which is what I"m doing not now at 7- 30 on Saturday morning. I'm using my Apple pencil to do this as I find words flow better when I write long hand.

The second aim for the month is what I am calling Frugal February! Having just the two of us in the house to feed has meant that we have a freezer and pantry laden with food so we really only need to buy the essentials - so watch this space for some new recipes!

I intend to keep on pushing my daily yoga practice to develop my strength an improve my posture. My mum has just been told that she has osteoporosis so I want to make sure that as I approach my 60th birthday at the end of the year (gulp) I am as strong and as fit as possible.

So, that’s it – Blogging intention done and I will sign off with a gallery of photos from January.

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