The story of a picture…

The last working week has been very “image heavy” with the Norfolk Show and a wedding happening all with in four days. Getting to grips with sorting and editing hundreds (or even thousands of photos) is sometimes very daunting – especially, as with the Norfolk Show, I was also editing shots from two other photographers.  So as a bit of light relief I allowed myself a little “photography me time” (well Photoshop was open any way!) to process a photo taken of my daughter taken on Wednesday night, when summer decided to make a brief evening appearance! As often is the case when editing in Photoshop I tried a variety of approaches (which you can see below) before finally adding some textures to the colour vintage processed image.  I’m still very much a novice when it comes to textures and am still refining different ways of using them.  What I love about them is how you can build layers onto an image – almost like paint – and then have an infinite ways of changing it subtly through altering the opacity and blending modes.

The image above was processed with free textures from two of my favourite photographic artists  Kim Klassen and Sarah Gardener.  Sarah’s texture was from her renaissance set which I think gives my daughter’s wry little smile a touch of the Mona Lisa!

Original image - adjusted for sharpness and contrast

Black and white vintage processing

Colour vintage processing


Debbie Harris

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