Prague 9 May-2

The Prague diaries – Day 1

THE PRAGUE DIARIES – DAY 1 THE PRAGUE DIARIES – DAY 1 RECAP: MAY 2019 At Christmas there was a ridiculously large and mysterious box under the tree from our children Tom and Reya  (well they are 19 and 24!). It was one of those Russian doll presents – boxes within boxes until finally there…

Oxford dreams (24)

Oxford dreams

Over 10 years ago a little girl had a dream. She dreamed that she would be a writer and that she would study English at Oxford University. Fast forward to October 2018 and that little girl – our daughter Reya – headed off from Norfolk up to take up her place at Trinity College, Oxford…

Om yoga show London (5)

A visit to the Om yoga show in London!

Back in June my friend Tracey and I won third prize in the Blossom and Yarn Knitting festival raffle. Sadly it wasn’t enough to retire on but we decided to put aside our winnings and spend it on something we could both enjoy! One of the interests we have shared over time has been yoga…


A whirlwind trip to London

A few weeks ago my daughter Reya  and I headed out of the sticks for a whirlwind visit to London. The main purpose of our trip was a gig at the Brixton O2 to see Tom O’Dell (my daughter is a huge fan and I’d bought her tickets back in the early summer on the day…

Tuscan holiday part 1 (48)

Road trip to Tuscany – part 1

For the first time in four years we finally made it on holiday abroad as a family. We were really lucky to be able to rent a lovely little house in Northern Tuscany from some friends.and we thought that we would try and save money (ha ha!) by driving down to Italy through France (it…