Tsunami cloud over Norfolk

Once again here I am Blogging about the weather! This morning I set of for my walk under brilliant blue skies and just a few wispy clouds in to sky.  However behind me I could see the approach of a really dramatic weather front which looked dark and ominous.  Over the course of my 40 minute stroll the cloud rolled in very dramatically and for a while looked a little like some of the dramatic tsunami clouds you see on the internet.  By the time I got home the sky was grey and dark and I was feeling cold.  Really spring where are you?!

Tsunami cloud-2

Tsunami cloud-3

Tsunami cloud-4

Tsunami cloud-5

Tsunami cloud-6
Tsunami cloud-7

Tsunami cloud-8

Tsunami cloud-9

Tsunami cloud-10

Tsunami cloud-11

Tsunami cloud-12


Tsunami cloud-14

Tsunami cloud-15

Tsunami cloud-16

Tsunami cloud-17

Tsunami cloud-18

Debbie Harris

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