The Merz vintage fashion shoot

As I sit typing looking at the gloom of a very dismal, grey and chilly bank holiday weekend I’m reminded of how different the last one was at the end of May. It was the end of spring, the sun was warm and delicious with the promise of summer to come. Sadly that summer has not lived up to it’s promise – so here’s hoping for a last minute reprieve with an Indian one just before Autumn sets in!

It wasn’t just the weather that made that weekend so lovely, as for the first time since July 2020, we had a full family household with a visit from Tom and his girlfriend Molly, as well as having Reya back (briefly!) from Uni. Along with her weekend bag Molly came laden with vintage frocks for us to shoot (me on stills Tom on video) for her young vintage clothes business The Merz. As you will see from the photos she has curated a glorious collection full of dazzling prints and summer colours for the Wildflowers summer drop.

The Merz – what’s in an name?

In case you are wondering at the name – The Merz – Molly explains the concept here along with her vision for her young business:

“The Merz is named after the “Merz” an artistic term created by Kurt Schwitters in the early 20th C. He used this term to describe his art, an assimilation of curated found objects that, once grouped together, would becoming beautiful and give old pieces a second life. It is this idea that helped inspire me create The Merz, all about finding the dreamiest & sweetest vintage for vintage lovers old and new.

I have been a fashion lover for years and I have always loved the transformative, confidence-imbuing powers of fashion. For someone who has always struggled with their confidence, self esteem & MH, fashion for me was an outlet of course, it’s no secret that the current fashion industry is just not OK – which is why I have naturally fallen in love with vintage and second hand – you should honestly see my vintage and second hand wish list, it’s very, very long

My personal style has always been v. Feminine, and if you ever need a cheerleader to wear a princessy dress day to day – I will always stand by you! I also do love a sharp tailored piece too, of course! ? but I’m my highest self when channelling my inner princess!”

Autumn drop coming soon!

Molly is now working on her next drop for Autumn and you can follow her story on Instagram.

You will also find some of the frocks below still on sale in her Etsy shop.

Oh and the mystery man is of course Tom!!

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