Where is spring?

It really is hard to believe that we are nearly a month into spring. The last two days have been cold and very wet and my son tweeted this morning that there had been snow in Lincoln!

It got me thinking about a magical family trip to Wells-next-the-sea during the Easter holidays (13 years ago actually!) when we were on the beach in shorts and the kids even made it into their swimming apparel! By a weird but fortunate coincidence this was 13 years ago today – so for all you feeling cold here’s a little sample of what the weather CAN be like on 16th April.

Wells 2003

Wells 2003-2

Wells 2003-3


Wells 2003-5

Wells 2003-6

Wells 2003-7

Wells 2003-8

Wells 2003-9

Wells 2003-11

Wells 2003-12

Wells 2003-13

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Debbie Harris

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