arty farty

arty farty

Dead tulip processed withtexture

Texture Tuesday: tulip in the snow

This photo was taken when the last lot of snow – a bit more arrived tonight – was starting to melt. The tulips that I’d bought to cheer up the house were on their last legs so my daughter said why don’t you photograph them in the snow before it melts.  So I did.  The…

Texture Tuesday 25 Nov (4)

Texture Tuesday: Decay

You may have noticed from many of the posts on The Pixel Chef that I love old, dilapidated or decaying things! Many of these things also lend themselves to the use of textures to enhance and develop the mood of the original image. The above picture was taken in France when we we on holiday…

Texture tuesday

Texture Tuesday

I have had great fun in the last week making some of my own textures splattering virtual paint on  virtual canvasses. These two pictures use my brown grunge texture along with some free Textures I recently downloaded from the lovely Two Lil’ Owls Studio which you can download HERE.


Texture Tuesday – the colours of Autumn

I love the colours of Autumn! And this year the colours seem even brighter and more vibrant than usual. Over half term I took my daughter for a quick photo shoot to our Village Green in Carbrooke. It’s a fantastic space which was developed for the Millennium and is planted with entirely indigenous wild flowers,…