arty farty

arty farty

flower palette

New pixel palettes

So last week I was going to Blog every day and here we are a week later and there have been not more posts! I really do like making a rod for my own back! However I’m pleased to say that my healthy Autumn campaign is going well! I’m still on track with Sober September…

Autumn palette7

Welcome back pixel palettes

There is something very satisfying about making these palettes! One day i might use them for decorating a room but for the time being I’ll just enjoying playing around with the colours from my photos! Palettes one and two were made from photos from this mornings walk which was dull and damp.

Snow walk-10

A visit from the beast from the East!

I suspect like me you are very bored of hearing about the snow and the beast from the East! However as I type the big thaw is already well underway and it is feeling much warmer in our cold old house! Over the snow days we managed to get out for a few walk –…


A whirlwind trip to London

A few weeks ago my daughter Reya  and I headed out of the sticks for a whirlwind visit to London. The main purpose of our trip was a gig at the Brixton O2 to see Tom O’Dell (my daughter is a huge fan and I’d bought her tickets back in the early summer on the day…

Wells 2003-7

Where is spring?

It really is hard to believe that we are nearly a month into spring. The last two days have been cold and very wet and my son tweeted this morning that there had been snow in Lincoln! It got me thinking about a magical family trip to Wells-next-the-sea during the Easter holidays (13 years ago…

That was january header

That was January

So that was January… It was cold and “dry” My lovely Blog got hacked but we saved it The turntable was reinstated and we played records I made marmalade The early sunrises were amazing I ate too much chocolate My daughter’s life was taken over by the school play I wore a onesie to keep…

Pandora's heading

A Pandora’s Kitchen of delights!

A few weeks back I was tablet browsing the internet, tucked up in bed on a Saturday morning. I must admit to feeling a tiny bit the worse for wear as the night before we had been out for a great meal with friends at the Hingham White Hart, where the wine had flowed rather…

Morning walk 11 August featured image

Morning walk – bright and breezy

After the wild, wet and windy weather yesterday from the sting in the tail of hurricane Bertha it was very fresh and breezy this morning giving rise to bright and clear light.  It was one of those skies where the clouds looked 3D and created crazy shapes – that  could suddenly look like an elephant…

Texture Tuesday

Texture Tuesday

I haven’t done one of these for so long!  I grabbed a quick freebie from French Kiss Collections and rattled this one out! It was taken on Easter Sunday on a our trip out to see the bluebells in Wayland wood – very lovely they were too.  I think we got there just before they…

Elsie Maud Harris

The big exit: A short story for Elsie

Twenty years ago today my nanny Elsie Maud Harris passed away peacefully at the age of 89.  She was a great character full of life and great stories.  I wrote this story a few years after she died and I’d sort of forgotten about it but have been sorting through my old files this week…