Advent Blog: 7 Old truck!

I have been on the look out for some vintage crockery for a few Christmas crafty projects and as my son now has a part-time job at Watton Salerooms , I’ve been making the effort to have a good look round for any suitable items at the weekly auction. This week I was pleased to find a couple of lots to bid on – one being a vintage tea set and the other a box (or so I thought!) containing some interesting  retro crockery.  When I arrived to collect Tom from work after the sale I was pleased to find out that my bids had been successful but surprised to find that the box of sundry crockery I had bid on was one of 4 boxes, plus some pictures thrown in for good measure.  So we piled it all in the boot of the car and then I waited for the light of day to see exactly what I had bought for the grand sum of a fiver!!  Well as my mother would say, most of it was ” a load of old truck” but never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, quite a bright and photogenic lot of  old truck.  After sorting and snapping I now have two full boxes ready for the charity shop….!

Debbie Harris

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