Dryathlon day 8: Zero percent

IMG_9356As I wrote a few days back, last year I bought some alcohol free beer to drink during Dryathlon and it was rather horrid!  Well I was out shopping earlier and though that I would give some alcohol free red wine a go.  I really wish I’d got someone to film me as I took my first sip.  It made me shudder then stick my tongue out.  It was sort of like drinking vinegary pond water (well not that I drink pond water!) but it had sour vegetably notes with a hint of acid.  Again like the alcohol free beer not nice.  As we were having pasta I tried to kid myself that it tasted better with food but it didn’t really.  I think I’ll stick to mineral water from now on.  Trouble is as you can see from the photo below there’s quite a lot left and at over £3 a bottle that’s a bit of a waste….


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