Lovely norfolk

Lovely norfolk

Wells 2003-7

Where is spring?

It really is hard to believe that we are nearly a month into spring. The last two days have been cold and very wet and my son tweeted this morning that there had been snow in Lincoln! It got me thinking about a magical family trip to Wells-next-the-sea during the Easter holidays (13 years ago…

That was January (17)

That was January

My poor Blog has been very neglected over the past few months.  We had so much going on here that I sort of lost my  way and my Blogging mojo.  However 2016 is well and truly here and I’m planning to get back into the swing of things again. So as a bit of a…

Tom Odell in Thetford forest (51)

Tom Odell in Thetford Forest

Life is very busy at the moment – work has been manic and there have been some big significant personal and family issues to deal with – so it was great to escape from everything for a bit a go to a fantastic concert in the Thetford forest last week! When it was announced that…

Weybourne coffee break (12)-001

Slow you down…

After a cold, wet and generally dismal weekend it was lovely to see the return of the sun yesterday morning. The first task of the week was to drop my daughter off at Gressenhall Museum for her first day of work experience and then on to Sheringham for a PR shoot for my very up and…

That was May (42)

That was May

It’s the 1st of June although you wouldn’t know it.  My Facebook feed is full of picture of friends flaming woodburners! The year is flying by and May was certainly a busy month… On my morning walks I saw buzzards, a heron, swallows and swifts and heard a cuckoo (walking in Cuckoo Lane). My son came back…

That was April (5)

That was April

A looong over due Blog post! April was busy, cold and full of flowers and amazing skies…. I ate lots of eggs both real and chocolate The new season garlic and asparagus arrived The blossom was beautiful Morning walks were crisp and uplifting  

Morning walk 23rd feb

Muddy roads and signs of spring

So finally – after a break of over two weeks I was back out first thing for my early morning walk. It’s amazing how quickly spring is approaching! In January the sun was just breaking over the horizon as I started out  – where as this morning it was quite high in the sky. It was…

That was january header

That was January

So that was January… It was cold and “dry” My lovely Blog got hacked but we saved it The turntable was reinstated and we played records I made marmalade The early sunrises were amazing I ate too much chocolate My daughter’s life was taken over by the school play I wore a onesie to keep…

December 4th (3)-001

Advent: December 4th – Dull days before Christmas

A dull, dismal morning walk. No light – everything just flat and grey….  


That was October

October came and went so quickly – it certainly was a strange month in terms of the weather with temperatures in the 20s some days. When the sun wasn’t shining we had some amazing skies and a couple of very dramatic storms. Last week was half term and we went on a mini road trip…