Lovely norfolk

Lovely norfolk

4th March

Skipping not walking!

This morning was just beautiful.  Blue skies shrouded in mist with the sun beginning to break through.  It was cold and there was some frost on the ground but the sky larks were in good song and I literally walked rather than skipped along the country lanes!

Fantasia Painting(84)-001

A bit of a catch up!

I have been working hard behind the scenes to give the Pixel Chef a bit of a make over hence the severe lack of posting of late. The good new is that I successfully complete the Dryathlon raising £230 for Cancer Research while the charity is looking at having raised nearly £5 million – which is…

wet wet wet (5)

Dryathlon day 9: wet,wet,wet

What a week it has been. Rain, rain and more rain with some hail thrown in to boot. I could have chickened out of my walk this morning but having been thwarted earlier in the week I strode out regardless. I’ve said it before but I quite enjoy walking in bad weather.  There’s nothing like…

dryathlon day 6 (1)

Dryathlon day 6: Back in the groove

After being a boozy couch potato over Christmas I was back out in earnest walking the lanes this morning.  The weather was rather dull and uninspiring although it is still very mild. I took my usual route out of the village and up into Cuckoo Lane.  Once again I was disgusted by the way that…

morning walk 14 Oct (7)

Puddled thinking

On wet dull days I find myself looking down for pictures.  This morning in the aftermath of the heavy rain that we had yesterday the roads were wet and covered in leaves and detritus.  As you may have spotted I love taking photos of puddles and the reflections in them.  There is a very powerful…


Morning walk: 7 October 2013

We are truly lucky with the weather at the moment. Once again this morning was glorious with crystal blue skies and warm sunshine. It was also very still and it was just amazing to hear two swans as they flew  over head – see if you can spot them in one of the pictures below!…

walk 23 sept 13 (7)

A key lost in mists of mellow fruitfulness!

Following  my last post writing about the end of the summer, the start of Autumn has brought us some lovely warm sunny weather.  The early mornings have been very seasonal with gentle mists of mellow fruitfulness and it’s been lovely walking the country lanes.  Yesterday morning I was in my usual Monday daze and I…

Walk 13 August (8)

Walk with a purpose

We just about in the middle of the school holidays but sadly we’re not going to be able to get away anywhere this year for a lot of reasons. There is a lot to keep us here this week. Firstly my daughter Reya is in the middle of getting her braces fitted. So far this…


Morning walk – 22nd July

It would be fair to say that I haven’t been very motivated to write and post much just lately.  I’m still walking in the mornings and taking lots of photos on my new “phone friend” as well as driving every one nuts by taking pictures with my lovely 6D 1.4 50mm combo in the kitchen…

New Windows phone camera walk photos (5)

Morning walk with new Windows 8 phone!

Finally on Saturday I got my phone upgrade which means that I can take photos on my Morning walks  by actually seeing what is on the screen!  After doing lots of research and being tempted by an older iPhone, I opted for a Nokia Windows 8 phone.  No they are not the most desirable thing…