Lovely norfolk

Lovely norfolk

Into the mist

Into the mist

I love walking in the fog and the way that things in the distance just seem to fade away…


Dryathon day 8: Back on track

Over the Christmas holidays my early walking campaign came to an abrupt halt – in spite of the very best intentions! But today my son was back at 6th Form college and my daughter returned to  school, so it was thankfully back to the old routine. I have waxed lyrical on this Blog about my…


Dryathlon day 2: More resolutions

Day two – so far so good.  Yesterday it was really easy not to have a drink.  The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of social events, celebrations and gatherings – all of which have involved copious amounts of food and drink which have taken their toll on my liver and my waistline. …

Advent Blog 11th december (4)

Advent:11th December

This morning was very cold, very slippery but glorious. The air was very still so the sounds of the pheasants and the rooks seemed to be coming from all around. Incidentally is there a name for the noise a pheasant makes? Answers on a Christmas card please! I

Wet Monday (18)

Wet Monday

After a busy weekend with lots to eat and drink I was determined to get out for my walk first thing this morning – even if it was absolutely tipping in down with rain. I rugged up, donned wellies and picked the biggest umbrella I could find determined to blow away the cobwebs. I also…


Glorious morning for a walk

This morning was simply stunning. Vivid blue skies, glorious sunshine, the autumn leaves a riot of colour.  So I treated myself and took a proper camera with me on my morning walk. I put on our 17-40mm wide angle lens which was great for capturing the big Norfolk skies but also worked really well for…


Walking in the rain

Some mornings when it’s raining I really enjoy just being out and walking. If nothing else it makes you really appreciate the warm sunny days. This morning the light was amazing. it started very flat and grey but by the end of my walk the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to break…

Waning moon in blue sky in Norfolk

Waning Harvest moon

The waning moon over our house A week ago we had a harvest moon – that is the full moon closest to the Autumn equinox.  Although I didn’t manage to photograph it then, the waning harvest moon was very clear a couple of days ago on my morning walk.

27 sept

Walking pixels: 27 September

Strange light and skies this morning…

Walking sept (12)

A year of walking pixels

As well as being my daughters birthday the 16th September was also the first anniversary of my morning walking campaign.  I won’t pretend that I have walked every morning for the whole year but as a general rule I’ve managed at least four or five days a week.  As I said in my first Blog…