Lovely norfolk

Lovely norfolk

Walking Carbrooke 18th April (8)

Hit and miss phototography

I’m counting the days to my phone upgrade as my existing one really is on it’s last legs.  It has really served me quite well over the last couple of years and I’ve taken loads of photos with it – especially when out on my morning walks.  However now the screen is virtually impossible to…

Foggy morning Norfolk

Another murky morning….

I set out this earlier today on my walk with grim Monday morning determination. Once more it was cold and once more the weather was grey and miserable. My spirits were lifted once again by the song of the skylarks – who were singing in spite of Spring’s determination not to appear.  It was however…

Misty March sun (1)

Going, going….

After the glorious day earlier in the week it’s gradually getting colder.  This morning the sun tried to break through but failed – only the Sky Larks gave a promise of spring.  It’s set to get colder and maybe even snow again next week. Now we really don’t need any more of that… Read on…

A taste of Spring (7)

A taste of Spring at last!

This morning was a fantastic spring morning. Not only was I excited by the sun – it also gave me the chance to test our new Canon 6D.I must say so far I have been blown away by the quality of the images. What more can I say except for all these images are JPEGs…

The Pixel Chef country lanes in february

February gloom

I have been neglectful of the Pixel Chef Blog of late.  Last week we were busy over half term and went away for a few days. Since then I have been struggling with inspiration in these dull and gloomy February days.  Sad news of illness and death have also filled the week making things seem…

Norfolk skies-005

Norfolk skies

Over the last few days there have been some amazing skies – I managed to capture a few on my mobile phone. This morning was glorious – I heard a skylark for the frist time this year!

31 Jan no text

Business as usual

So January is over!  As well as not drinking for the whole month and raising over £200 I managed to Blog every day which was quite an achievement.  I know from looking at my Blog stats that I’ve gained quite a few readers over the month and I’m hoping that some will stay with me! …


Dryathlon day 24: Memories

Today was the funeral of our family friend Frank who I wrote about on 10th January after he had lost his short battle with cancer.  Funerals are never easy things to go to and sadly the older one gets the more frequent they seem to be. Today’s was a sad poignant occasion but not with…

15 Jan snow (1)

Dryathlon day 15: Snow joke!

I think it’s fair to say that Norfolk has been in the grip of arctic weather today! After more snow over night we woke up to about 3 inches of the white stuff which was not, much to the disappointment of the kids, enough to close their school and 6th form college! So it was…

Snow Blog (8)

Dryathlon day 14: The depths of winter

We woke this morning to find a light sprinkling of snow on the ground but not enough to close any schools – much to my daughter’s disappointment – nor to hamper my morning walk!  Togged up in snow boots, leg warmers, woolly hat and my down jacket I set off with my friend Sue to…